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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mr and Mrs Davis

I just realized that I haven't paid homage to one of the biggest stepping stones in Davis family history: Greg got married!!..back in November. I know, I know; I'm super late and everyone already knows, but it's still deserving of a write up. 

My brother and I generally try to talk a couple of times a month. However, I will occasionally be traveling or busy one month and fail to call. I'm the one that has to initiate the call being that I live in Singapore, and it would cost a lot for him to try to call me. In early April of last year, I was talking to my mother, and she asked if I had talked to my brother lately. This is a typical question from her, but this time her voice took on a different tone like she was saying it with a wry smile. I did the math and realized that I had dropped the ball on calling in the month of March, so I decided to give my brother a shout.

I called Greg up, and he explained that he had been dating this girl for a month and that she might be the coolest, hottest, funnest girl he'd ever met. Now, any of you that know Greg, can understand that to hear him describe a woman that way means that he is either drunk or he has a gun to his head. After confirming that he was in fact sober, and not being held at gun point, he told me the story of meeting Lisa on a flight back from a golf trip. I couldn't believe it; my brother was in love after 2 months of knowing a girl!

The first time I had a chance to meet Lisa was during the 4th of July, and after seeing the way that Greg was completely mesmerized by her every move, I knew that something big was going to happen soon. After a few more months of gushy filled Lisa-convos, I figured that they were on the fast track to get married (mostly because he sent me a picture of a New Mexico marriage license with a text that said "Don't tell mom.").

I immediately booked a flight home, and I was fortunate enough to attend the wedding festivities in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have to admit, the wedding was easily the best ceremony that I'd ever been to; all 7 minutes and 45 seconds of it! Literally.

Greg could not have found a better addition to our family than Lisa. She fits in so well and puts up with all of our shenanigans (read through the bottom). No one ever imagined that any woman in this world was capable of making Greg fall in love so fast and so hard, but I could not be any happier to welcome Lisa into our family. I cannot wait for the day that we get to start doing joint vacations and spending the holidays together. AND Tra and I are especially looking forward to their Asian-honeymoon!!! (No pressure)

The first time I met Lisa during the 4th of July holidays
The entire wedding party
The wedding party-ers(?): me, Greg, JBell (Lisa-besty), Lisa, Jase (Lisa-bro), Nicole (Lisa-cuz)
Sippin on a bottle of Cristal before the wedding
This would have been about minute mark 2
Minute mark 7
Afterwards, we had a Santa Fe style wedding dinner (I recommend a combo of the red and green chili)
BROTHERS! (and sister)
Family - including the new addition; minus Tra. (Hahaha look at how excited Momma D is...)

Hold on! Before you go and start thinking that little Gregory Carl and Chad Michael are all grown up because we're both married, I may need to mention that this is a 2-part blog.

Greg was married on November 25, and Greg just so happened to be born on November 26; exactly 30 years ago. After Greg's wedding, I asked him what he wanted to do the next day for his 30th birthday, and he looked me square in the eye and said, "Drink... all day." Being the good brother that I am, I did not argue. So bright and early on Greg's birthday, we all went for a mimosa breakfast, a wardrobe change, and then we drank... all day.

The following pictures may keep us from ever holding a seat in office, but we aren't too big on politics anyways. Sorry Momma D...

The crew at breakfast getting warmed up for the day
Working on trying to find an appropriate Santa Fe-celebratory wardrobe
Found it.
Continuing the festivities by trying one of their local beverages. I think they called it Tequila? Not sure.
Greg just sitting around looking dapper (After a few of the local beverages)
$14. That's gangster.
The new Mr. and Mrs. Davis - she was so excited to be seen with us
I flew 10K miles and 30 hours from Singapore to New Mexico to eat Asian food with my brother on his birthday. This was before I taught him how to use chopsticks
Just trying to fit in with the locals - failing. (This was at the very end of the day right after we realized that we had been wearing our hats backwards ALL day - compare with above pics)

Santa Fe is not a giant town, but its bigger than most in New Mexico. The next day we were dropping off our car at the rental company about 15 miles outside of the city, and someone looks at Greg and me walking by and goes, "Hey, weren't you guys wearing sombreros yesterday?!" ...Success.

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