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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Europa Series: Wien

Yeah, I didn't plan on spacing these out so far apart, but I haven't really been able to sit down and write. But, as promised, this one will be short and sweet.

After Prague we took a 5 hour train ride to Vienna (Wien). We had heard rumor from some people that Vienna was a smaller town and easier to get around. That was a bold face lie.

When you ride into Vienna's main train station, you think to yourself, "Why in the world did we come to Vienna?" The station is located in something similar to a ghetto. So we immediately started walking towards what we thought was the inner city. When we grabbed a map, we realized that Vienna is not a small, relaxing town. The map kept unfolding, and unfolding, and unfolding, until finally, we were staring at not just a town, but a metroplex.

I don't really know why we expected the city where the U.N. building is located to be small. Once you get into Vienna's square, you really start to notice the beauty and history located in the city.

We also met up with some fellow backpackers that we met in Prague and went out to explore Vienna's night life.