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My name is Chad Davis. I am the creation of my Lord and Savior, I am the son of Marilyn Davis and the late Carl Davis, I am the brother of Gregory Carl Davis, I am a husband to the amazing Tara Davis, and I am a friend to many; all of which put up with me and keep me in-line. I am grateful and blessed to have such an amazing cast of characters in my life. Without them, I would have nothing to write about.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I always thought I would pick up writing again when I had some downtime (that's a word I use so little that I just had to Google whether it's one word or spaced), but apparently, my writing talent(?) isn't going to be used much outside of work emails. Then, I thought about getting rid of this blog altogether, so I wouldn't feel obligated to keep a story going or feel bad when I see that it's been close to 2 years since my last post. In the end, I thought it would be a shame to delete all of the stories, time, and effort that I've put into this.

Do people even still blog? I don't think anyone really cares about other's words or thoughts anymore (or did they ever). I guess we can blame Facebook updates on the demise of that one. Now, I'm trying to decide if pictures are even that much better? Thank goodness for Instagram, so I can keep up with what people are eating or what their kids look like. Actually, it's wrong for me to make fun of Instagram and Facebook because if it wasn't for social media, we would be completely cut off from home; except for my daily gossip with Momma D that's always in the "Tell me something else I don't know" section of our phone calls.

Anyways, I've always told myself that this is a way to keep things documented and time-lined for my poor future family that I'll someday make read all of these posts. So I guess it's to them I am still writing and would like you to know: Your father/uncle/cousin was #Blessed during 2013-2015 when he didn't blog much (Google "hashtag" circa early '10's to understand that reference).

Anyways, I've tried to find some pictures to share from the past 2 years that I haven't already socially blasted on FB or Insta...

Greg and Lisa visited over Christmas 2013

Tra and I visited Margaret River in Australia for her birthday

Slic Nic finally wised up and married Emily (bless her)

We put on a pretty fantastic firework show over the 4th... (Hey Dave)
My buddies and I got pretty patriotic at the Ryder Cup in Scotland

Tra and I went with some friends to Bali for a golf tournament and beach time

We got to come back to the states for Jenna and Jared's wedding

The cousins were together alone, without any spouses or kids, for the first time in over 10 years. We stopped by to see our 90 year old great Aunt Bonnie, who is still amazingly witty and beautiful

Greg and Lisa gave birth to Anja (well, Lisa did all the work but Greg helped)

Mark celebrated his 60th birthday in Singapore with me, Tra, and the best looking girls in Singapore (not a bad way to turn 60)
Tra and I got to spend our 3rd anniversary in Paris

Skittles is still completely spoiled and runs our household

And Tara and I are still happy, a little crazy, and super #Blessed


  1. I have always loved your writing skills. You must keep journaling for the future. Trust me on this - someday this will be priceless.