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My name is Chad Davis. I am the creation of my Lord and Savior, I am the son of Marilyn Davis and the late Carl Davis, I am the brother of Gregory Carl Davis, I am a husband to the amazing Tara Davis, and I am a friend to many; all of which put up with me and keep me in-line. I am grateful and blessed to have such an amazing cast of characters in my life. Without them, I would have nothing to write about.

Monday, October 19, 2009

France, Mary, and Oprah

I know this is the worst 2 part blog ever because I waited a week to write the second part. I was completely swamped all last week with work so I am just now getting a second to fill you in on the rest of the weekend.

Sunday, we went to the state fair with Dave's sisters and mother.
While at the fair, we ran into this lady:

It's weird, in person, you can't really see the horns sticking out of Oprah's head.

Then we went to France to eat at this place:

(we really didn't go to France, that's a lie.)

Then, somehow or another, we found ourselves here:

Marry Poppins rocked my world; it was so good. I think I only appreciated it because mom ALWAYS drug us to all sorts of productions growing up so that we would have a little "culture" in our lives. Anyways, it was probably the best musical I've ever seen.
Then we went back to OKC. Sorry this blog turned out so bad but I'm stretched for time.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Spoon Full of Awesomeness

This past weekend was another one of my infamous spur of the moment trips to Dallas. Dave and I were sitting at the house on Friday, and we came to the realization that we had nothing to do. Within 20 minutes of this conclusion, we had loaded up the "boat" and were heading southbound 35 for the weekend. However, this was not just any normal trip. No, this trip turned out to be a little different than my other weekend ventures.

We arrived in Dallas a little too late for any formal meetings or greetings, so we went straight to our final destination of the evening. We met up with Chadly and some other friends at a place called Hurricanes on Greenville. Saturday, we went and ate at my favorite restaurant in Dallas, Ozona's. I don't think I've ever made a Dallas trip and missed the opportunity to stop in for some Ozona's Juevos Rancheros; so good! Then we went to Northpark Mall where, ironically, we met up with Dave's mom and two sisters; both of his sisters live in Dallas and his mother lives in Midland. I say "ironically" because Dave had no clue his mother was going to be in town.

Side Note: If we wanted to go a step further on the irony scale, Dave's cousin Hilary (also lives in Midland) was in Dallas for a bachelorette party. Apparently, the last bachelorette party of Hilary's that we crashed, Dave and I made quite an impression. Apparently, we were so much fun that we might have taken some of the attention away from the bride-to-be, and we were not invited to crash this bachelorette gathering. We didn't let this effect our weekend, although, we were both a little hurt on the inside.

Saturday night, we watched Sheffield dominate the Tech game (and hopefully ensure his position as the Texas Tech starting quarterback). Then, we went to meet up with some fellow Tech grads at Blackfriar in Uptown and celebrated our victory into the wee hours of the morning.

Pretty fun weekend, right? You would think that if Sunday had been like any other normal Sunday, it would have been a relaxing car ride home and an early trip to bed so that I could catch up on some neglected sleep. However, Sunday is not the conclusion to this story. Friday and Saturday were merely the Prologue to the epic tale of Sunday's adventures. The real story starts here....